International Trade Changed the World.
In 202 BC, the Silk Road started the large international trade between China and the whole world.Abundant silk and porcelain from the East changed the life of people in the world.
In 1405, the merchant marine which came from afar in the powerfull oriental, improved the communication between chinese and international material also civilization further.
In 2004, POWER ORIENTAL was found in Shanghai, as one of the large-scale import and export trade enterprises, approved by the Customs of the P. R. C, Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine of the P. R. C, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce.
Since that year, POWER ORIENTAL has began to develop the international trade with the whole world, also has been one of the most influential and active international trade enterprises.
Untill now, POWER ORIENTAL has been a large-scale conglomerate, which has more than 1200 partners in 82 countries, and keeps rapid growth for many years.
In the field of fiber, machine, auto, traffic, metal, energy, environmental protection, chemicals, security protection, electronics, culture articles, foodstuffs, grocerie, build and furniture, Information Communication logistics, construction, Finance and so on, POWER ORIENTAL supplies an extensive range of domestic trade, import and export trade, triangle trade, and domestic-foreign trade investment.
Everyday, POWER ORIENTAL offers high-quality products to more than 700 factories, and also purchases more and more high-quality, high-tech products.
POWER ORIENTAL will consistently uphold to offer top quality products and services, and try our best to keep the long-term satisfaction of our customers. It's the commitment from us.
Intergrity is the basic requirement from POWER ORIENTAL to all staffs. Every employee should be honest, disinterested and trustworthy in all the relevant activities and relationships with POWER ORIENTAL.
Integrity Doubt Acceptance
POWER ORIENTAL doesn't have ombudspersons, so if u have any doubt about the integrity and rules, pls click here and send it to us.
滬公安備案    31011202002831
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